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By Atlantic Dentistry
June 23, 2020
Category: Oral Health

How tooth-colored fillings from your Outer Banks Dentist can help you have a beautiful smile

Dental fillings are much more beautiful than they used to be, and they still offer the outstanding protection and restoration your teeth need. When you need fillings, you and your smile deserve to enjoy the benefits of tooth-colored fillings. The Outer Banks dentists at Atlantic Dentistry in Kitty Hawk and Manteo NC offer comprehensive dental care services, including tooth-colored fillings. They have two convenient office locations in Kitty Hawk and Manteo NC to help you have a beautiful smile.

The Perks of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings use a material called composite. This material starts as a liquid resin which can be matched closely to the color of your teeth. Because it is a liquid, it is sculpted to match the natural contours of your teeth. Once in place, the composite is hardened with an ultraviolet “curing” light. The result is a stunning restoration which enhances your smile and doesn’t detract from it as metal fillings can.

These are just a few of the benefits of tooth-colored fillings:

  • Natural beauty, because tooth-colored fillings blend in with your smile and are virtually undetectable.
  • Quick results, because tooth-colored fillings can be completed in one appointment.
  • Easy treatment, because if there is no decay, you may not need an anesthetic.
  • Increased strength, because tooth-colored fillings are bonded to the tooth structure.
  • No more metal taste, because tooth-colored fillings are metal-free.
  • Tooth-colored fillings look naturally beautiful, and they can restore many of the same problems as conventional metal fillings and more. Tooth-colored fillings are the perfect choice to repair teeth that are:

Here are a few things that tooth-colored fillings can fix about your smile:

  • Damage from tooth decay
  • Broken from an accident or injury
  • Cracked or chipped from lifestyle habits
  • Eroded or worn down from aging

You deserve a great looking, strong smile, and tooth-colored fillings can help you achieve it. To find out more about tooth-colored fillings, call the Outer Banks dentist of Atlantic Dentistry. You can reach them in Kitty Hawk at (252) 261-7700, or in Manteo NC at (252) 475-9841. Call today!

By Atlantic Dentistry
April 14, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Tooth Loss  

What would happen if you chose not to replace a missing tooth?

From a sports-related injury to gum disease, there are many reasons why an adult may lose one or more teeth. Of course, our Kitty Hawk, NC, dentists Dr. Markus Heyder, Dr. Gunther Heyder, and Dr. Ashley Parham are here to provide you with dental implants, dentures and bridges to replace missing teeth and to improve your oral health; however, what happens if you choose not to replace missing teeth and leave gaps in your smile?

Bone deterioration

This is the biggest consequence of untreated tooth loss. The roots of your teeth are responsible for keeping your jawbone healthy and for stimulating new bone cells. Once one or more teeth fall out, the jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs. The result? The jawbone loses density and begins to break down. Luckily, by placing a dental implant where your tooth used to be, our Kitty Hawk, NC, dental team can provide the jawbone with the continued stimulation it needs to prevent further bone loss.

A bad bite

When you have gaps in your smile you will very quickly notice that your smile feels a little off kilter. This can lead to a bad bite, or malocclusion. This means that certain teeth are now taking on far more force and pressure from the jaws then they should be. Over time this can lead to excessively worn, weak teeth that are prone to cracking and breaking.

Shifting teeth

If you decide not to fill those gaps, this is another problem that will arise. As your jawbone changes shape your teeth begin to shift around too. This shift can cause further gaps between teeth and other teeth to crowd or overlap one another. Once this happens the only way to fix this malocclusion is with braces.

Difficulty chewing and speaking

You’re probably already feeling the effects of chewing and talking without certain teeth. This can cause serious speech impediments and also make it near impossible to eat certain foods. This can lead to a very limited and restricted diet, nutritional deficiencies and even stomach issues due to not being able to properly chew food.

Are you interested in getting dental implants here in Kitty Hawk, NC? Want to find out if you are an ideal candidate for treatment? If so, Atlantic Dentistry has been restoring smiles throughout Kitty Hawk and Manteo, NC, with the help of amazing restorations like dental implants. To learn more, call (252) 261-7700 for our Kitty Hawk office or (252) 475-9841 for our Manteo office.

By Atlantic Dentistry
February 20, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Implants  

Dental implants are tooth-like structures that replace missing tooth roots. Here at Atlantic Dentistry Heyder and Associates, located in Kitty Hawk and Manteo, NC, Drs. Markus Heyder, Gunther Heyder, and Ashley Parham provide patients with these state-of-the-art tooth replacements. Read on to learn more!

The basics on dental implants

Implants are made of a titanium post that's anchored to the jawbone or a metal framework. To install these tooth replacements, your dentist first numbs the surgical area, before removing any remaining dental fragments. Next, they'll insert the titanium post and seal the surgical area for about 3-to-6 months. During this period, your teeth will undergo a process called osseointegration which causes the bone to naturally fuse with the titanium post. This reinforces your teeth and jaws to prevent sinkage and bone deterioration.

Following this healing period, you will return to either our Kitty Hawk or Manteo office, so that your dentist can place a connector and permanent crown to the implant. After that, you'll walk out of the office with a new and improved smile!

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Implants are designed to mimic natural teeth in both functionality and appearance
  • They have a 95% success rate, making them one of the most successful dental procedures today
  • Implants protect your jawbone from sinking in and jawbone recession
  • Dental implants improve speech impairment, as well as biting and chewing functionality
  • Dental implants are used for other dental procedures like bridges
  • They can last a lifetime

Need dental care? Give us a call

Caring for dental implants isn't difficult. Like any restoration, they require brushing and flossing every day to prevent tooth decay and cavity formation. If you'd like to learn more about dental implants from Atlantic Dentistry, then don't hesitate to contact your Kitty Hawk and Manteo, NC, dentists by calling (252) 261-7700 or (252) 475-9841 (respectively) today!

By Atlantic Dentistry
September 17, 2019
Category: Oral Health

Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, is an infection of the structures around the teeth. Caused by an abundance of dental plaque, periodontal disease can wreak havoc on your oral and general health, but fortunately, it can be stopped and sometimes reversed if treated in its earliest stages.

Here at Atlantic Dentistry in Kitty Hawk, NC, your dentists, Dr. Markus P. Heyder and Dr. Gunther Heyder, can help treat periodontal disease before its harmful effects take hold. Here are 5 signs that you may have periodontal disease:

1. Red Gums. Red gums is one of the first signs your gums need attention. Healthy gums are usually pink in color, although they may contain other pigments depending on your ethnic origin. If you've noticed that your gums are red don't brush it off—ignoring the problem will only make matters worse.

2. Receding Gums. Gingival recession, or gum recession, is another classic sign of gum disease. Gingival recession is a condition in which the gums have pulled away from the teeth. The most common cause of gingival recession is gum disease caused by poor dental hygiene. Other causes of gingival recession include genetics, brushing aggressively, and teeth grinding.

3. Swollen Gums. At the beginning stages of periodontal disease, the gums become puffy and swollen. For many individuals with the condition, this inflammation is not painful, although medical care is still needed to stop the disease progression.

4. Bad Breath. Chronic bad breath can be a symptom of serious gum disease, so see your dental care provider if you are experiencing this recurrence. After all, finding out what's causing your bad breath puts you one step closer to getting rid of it.

5. Bleeding Gums. Bleeding gums are never normal, and you should visit a dental professional immediately if it occurs to you.

Concerned? Give our Kitty Hawk Office a Call

Ready to take charge of your oral health? Call Atlantic Dentistry at (252) 261-7700 right now to schedule a dental consultation in Kitty Hawk, NC.

By Atlantic Dentistry
July 16, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Tooth Extraction  

In some cases, tooth extraction is the best solution to an oral health issue. Your Kitty Hawk and Manteo, NC, dentists, Drs. Markus Heyder, Gunther Heyder, and Ashley Parham, offer extraction and other services essential for a healthy smile at Atlantic Dentistry.

When tooth extraction is a good idea

Your Kitty Hawk or Manteo dentist may recommend extraction if:

  • You injured your tooth: Although your Kitty Hawk or Manteo dentist may be able to offer treatments that help you keep your tooth, sometimes it's not just possible to save the tooth. For example, extraction may be the only option if a blow to the face fractures the root area of your tooth.
  • You still have severe pain following a root canal: Root canals usually end your pain if you have an infection or inflammation. Unfortunately, in a small percentage of cases, pain, infection, and other symptoms persist. Extracting the tooth removes the source of your pain and gives your dentist access to infected tissue at the bottom of the tooth.
  • You're getting full dentures: You may need to have a few teeth removed before you begin wearing full dentures.
  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted: Fully or partially impacted teeth will never erupt normally because they're blocked by bone and tissue. As the teeth push again the bone and tissue, they can cause pain, pressure, swelling, and may even affect the alignment of your other teeth. Extracting these four teeth can give you much-needed relief.
  • You need extraction before you begin orthodontic treatment: Removing a few teeth can help ensure that there's plenty of room to realign your teeth if you have a small mouth.
  • Decay is extensive: Adding a filling or covering your tooth with a crown may not be an option if decay has affected most of your tooth. The tooth may also need to be removed if decay reaches the pulp and a root canal isn't an option.

Do you need a tooth extraction? Schedule an appointment with Drs. Markus Heyder, Gunther Heyder, and Ashley Parham of Atlantic Dentistry by calling (252) 261-7700 for the Kitty Hawk, NC, office or (252) 475-9841 for the Manteo, NC, office.

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