Do Dentists Offer Teeth Whitening?

Many people suffer from yellowing or dulling of their teeth over time. This process is caused by various food and drinks and can even result from lifestyle habits. Luckily, dentists offer highly effective teeth whitening in Kitty Hawk and OBX, NC. These procedures are designed to lighten teeth up to 15 shades depending on the length of the treatment. The results are impressive and help restore patients' confidence who want noticeable results. Patients in Manteo, Kitty Hawk, and OBX, NC, can get these results at Atlantic Dentistry. The talents of our staff can help you quickly achieve whiter teeth. 

Teeth Whitening Process

The dental teeth whitening process is fast and simple. Patients schedule their sessions for the recommended time frame, depending on several factors. The longer the treatment lasts, the more noticeable the results. Before you undergo a teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will schedule a consultation to ensure you're a good candidate for the process. Not everyone is suited for the teeth whitening procedure, so you and the dentist need to know the details before starting the process.

If you are a good prospect, the dentist will schedule an appointment to apply the whitening treatment. Once the patient arrives, the dentist preps the area to begin the whitening procedure. The dentist applies the whitening gel, a mixture of between 15% and up to 35% hydrogen peroxide. Some procedures also require light to enhance the process of breaking up stains. Keep in mind that most people require reapplication to get the best overall results. You can expect the process to last about 45 minutes. Remember that results vary from person to person, and if you have brown or gray teeth, the results won't be as noticeable. 

If you're a resident in search of teeth whitening in Kitty Hawk and OBX, NC, you can schedule an appointment with Atlantic Dental to start the process. With ideal conditions, you can get whiter and brighter teeth the same day.

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Dental teeth whitening in Kitty Hawk and OBX, NC, is a highly effective way to lift the stains and brighten the color of your teeth anywhere from 3 to 15 shades. To get started, contact Atlantic Dental today at 252-261-7700 for the Kitty Hawk and OBX, NC, location and 252-475-9841 for the Manteo, NC, location. We are proud to provide teeth whitening services at Atlantic Dental for local residents who want to get top results and build confidence. 

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