The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss

What would happen if you chose not to replace a missing tooth?

From a sports-related injury to gum disease, there are many reasons why an adult may lose one or more teeth. Of course, our Kitty Hawk, NC, dentists Dr. Markus Heyder, Dr. Gunther Heyder, and Dr. Ashley Parham are here to provide you with dental implants, dentures and bridges to replace missing teeth and to improve your oral health; however, what happens if you choose not to replace missing teeth and leave gaps in your smile?

Bone deterioration

This is the biggest consequence of untreated tooth loss. The roots of your teeth are responsible for keeping your jawbone healthy and for stimulating new bone cells. Once one or more teeth fall out, the jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs. The result? The jawbone loses density and begins to break down. Luckily, by placing a dental implant where your tooth used to be, our Kitty Hawk, NC, dental team can provide the jawbone with the continued stimulation it needs to prevent further bone loss.

A bad bite

When you have gaps in your smile you will very quickly notice that your smile feels a little off kilter. This can lead to a bad bite, or malocclusion. This means that certain teeth are now taking on far more force and pressure from the jaws then they should be. Over time this can lead to excessively worn, weak teeth that are prone to cracking and breaking.

Shifting teeth

If you decide not to fill those gaps, this is another problem that will arise. As your jawbone changes shape your teeth begin to shift around too. This shift can cause further gaps between teeth and other teeth to crowd or overlap one another. Once this happens the only way to fix this malocclusion is with braces.

Difficulty chewing and speaking

You’re probably already feeling the effects of chewing and talking without certain teeth. This can cause serious speech impediments and also make it near impossible to eat certain foods. This can lead to a very limited and restricted diet, nutritional deficiencies and even stomach issues due to not being able to properly chew food.

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