What Are Cosmetic Fillings?
By Atlantic Dentistry
June 06, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Cosmetic fillings are an excellent option if you hate the look of silver fillings. Your Kitty Hawk, NC dentists at Atlantic Dentistry, Dr. Markus fillingsHeyder, Dr. John Fameth, and Dr. Gunther Heyder, share a few benefits of cosmetic fillings.

Cosmetic fillings are less obvious

Traditional fillings are made with silver amalgam, a mixture of silver, mercury, tin and copper. Although these fillings are very durable, they're obvious every time you open your mouth. Cosmetic fillings use composite resin, a material that's available in a variety of tooth-colored shades. When your dentist uses composite resin instead of silver amalgam to fill your tooth, no one will be able to tell that you had a cavity.

What are the other benefits of cosmetic fillings?

Cosmetic fillings offer several benefits, including:

  • Less drilling: When your dentist removes tooth decay, he also removes a small portion of the healthy tooth. If you choose a cosmetic filling, a smaller area of the healthy part of your tooth is removed.
  • Excellent bonding: Composite resin fillings don't just fill in the empty space in your tooth. They actually bond to your tooth, resulting in a stronger tooth.
  • Reduced risk of cracking: The metal in silver amalgam fillings expands and contracts when your tooth is exposed to hot or cold foods or drinks. Expansion or contraction may eventually cause your tooth to fracture. Because composite resin doesn't expand or contract, the chance of a crack is reduced.
  • Quick hardening: A cosmetic filling hardens in just a few seconds, which means you can eat or drink soon after you receive your new filling. Your dentist uses a special curing light to speed up the hardening process.
  • More than just fillings: Composite resin can also be used to repair chips, cracks, and broken teeth.

Worried about a tooth? Call your Kitty Hawk, NC, dentists at Atlantic Dentistry at (252) 261-7700 to make an appointment for an examination and filling, if necessary. Cosmetic fillings offer an excellent way to improve your smile!


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